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Chichester Pride Event Terms & Conditions



Only customers with a valid ticket will be allowed into the Event.

Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable. Re-sale is not allowed.

Tickets may not be used as part of a promotion, competition, advertising, or be given away as part of a product or service package or for commercial gain without the permission of the Promoter. Any attempt to do so will result in the ticket being void and we will refuse any person holding such a ticket, without refund.

Entry Conditions

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult.

Any person who looks under the age of 18 not accompanied by an adult will require ID upon entrance. All under 18s must be accompanied by adults (18+) at all times while on the event site.


Alcohol Policies

We will operate and enforce a strict Challenge 25 policy at all our bar. So if you are lucky enough to look 25 or younger, please, make sure that you bring an acceptable form of identification. Please note we only accept a driving licence or passport as a valid ID.

Bag Policies
Small Bags up to (20cm wide x 30cm high x 20cm deep) are allowed into the event sites.
• We may refuse entry if you bring a large bag.
• We do not have storage for bags on site.
• Chichester Pride operates a bag search policy at all gates. We may also search you using a pat-down method or a security wand based on behaviour profiling.


Due to venue restrictions, pets are not allowed to attend the event. Services dogs ONLY.
We are unable to accept emotional support dogs.


Code of Conduct

We expect everyone attending to behave in an appropriate manner.

• Any offensive behaviour including homophobia, transphobia, racism or sexism will not be tolerated.

• All staff, security personnel, medical teams, Police, Fire and Ambulance should be treated with respect.
Any incident of harassment towards anyone working on the event may be reported to the Police and dealt with accordingly.

• Please comply with requests/directions from staff regarding event operations.



If you have a complaint during the event please report it to a member of staff. If your complaint requires further investigation, please, write to to be investigated and responded to appropriately.


Restricted items

• No dangerous or hazardous items​

• No illegal or psychoactive substance
• No food, including picnics. Stalls will be available to purchase
 food, catering for various dietary requirements.
• No suitcases & large rucksacks or bags (over A4 size)
• No disposable BBQ’s
• No Fireworks, flares or pyrotechnics
• No inflatables or Chinese lanterns
• No flyers for distribution
• No offensive posters, signs or banners
• No goods for unauthorised trading (or with unauthorised Pride logos)
• No lasers or laser pens
• No unofficial tabards or reflective jackets

• No super soakers or water pistols
• No air horns, megaphones, klaxon’s similar
• No spray cans, aerosols or gas canisters
• No drones
• No unauthorised professional commercial photography

• No illegal or psychoactive substance

By attending the event, you give your express consent to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording, the copyright to which shall be owned by the Promoter or its contractors without payment or compensation.

Chichester Pride reserves the right to change/amend or alter the above terms and conditions at any point, without notice. All updates will be published on this page. 

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