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Co - Chair


I first came out as a gay man aged 14 and openly trans since 2018. I grew up in Chichester with The Bush Inn as our LGBTQI+ social go-to, however, the pub shut down not long after I came out. When it came to looking for support, Chichester seemed to be lacking especially in comparison to other cities over the UK. Family and friends would often say "can't you just move to Brighton?"

The lack of support and visibility in Chichester has been my main drive to change things within the city, which, in turn, lead me to set up regular social meets for the LGBTQI+ community. The Chichester Pride committee was soon formed and we began planning the Chichester's first-ever Pride event.

Pride to me is not about segregation, but inclusivity from every walk of life. To be bold and visible and to show we are all human - regardless of any labels. 

Co - Chair


I have lived in Chichester for 16 years and for 15 of those, I have been in the local entertainment scene, from rock to retro soloist, with my first drag & burlesque cabaret show being in 2012. Since then I have continued to offer diverse and sometimes challenging entertainment - officially named Chichester Cabaret Club in 2016 - designed to surprise, enlighten and educate and I soon realised that this was attracting an equally diverse audience including the LGBTQ+ community.
I have always insisted on a safe place for everyone, performers and audiences alike, and am frequently told how surprising it is that something like this exists in Chichester because of its Conservative reputation.

I believe that the community in our city deserves to have more readily available services and support and as an LGBTQ+ ally, with a public platform and years of experience in event production and performance, I have a lot to offer Chichester Pride. I have never feared to put my head above the parapet for causes that might be deemed against the status quo.



Hi, my name is Corina, and I am Chichester Pride's treasurer. This means I take care of the finance and accounts. After taking time to find a cause to apply my skills to, I'm very excited to be getting involved with Pride and helping the team out using my financial knowledge.

I'm super excited for Pride and being part of history as a team member of the VERY first Pride! I’m hoping that my finance skills will bring value to the team and help set up Pride with a strong foundation for a brighter future.




Having recently moved to Chichester, from South West London, we are delighted to be part of the team bringing Pride to our new home city for the first time.

We married in 2016 following the marriage equality legislation that passed through Parliament in 2013 and although we celebrate these new, hard won, rights we know that many people in the LGBTQ+ community still face injustice, stigma, and inequality.


We are proud to be supporting an organisation committed to highlighting this struggle whilst also seeking positive change and offering a chance to celebrate the full diversity of Chichester.



I am thrilled to have joined such an amazing committee as Secretary. My role is predominantly intended to ensure administrative and organisational support for the Chichester Pride Committee. 

I moved to Chichester in 2019 from Brighton whilst working as a junior doctor, not long before all the pandemic lockdowns occurred. Having been accustomed to the vibrancy of Brighton, I was left bereft at the dirge of slightly more open minded/safe spaces and night-life. Along with some LGBTQIA+ colleagues, we were delighted to discover Chichester Cabaret Club back in 2019; it was such an open and welcoming show, it felt like we were 'home'! 

It was at that show we were excited to see plans for Chichester's First Pride, buying our T-Shirts there and then. Alas, of course the pandemic hit, the world was devoured by chaos and being NHS staff, my friends and I only just about came up for air in time for Chichester’s First Pride 2022. 

I am honoured to be part of such a remarkable and highly motivated team as we move forward to Chichester Pride 2024.

Digital Marketing

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 I hopped aboard the Chichester Pride committee back in 2021, with a commitment to showcasing the LGBTQ+ community, encouraging positive change and greater understanding of why Pride is still so important in this day and age. 

Chichester Pride holds significant historical importance for the city, uniting a lively community and its allies in a celebration within a secure and vibrant environment. Beyond the festival-style event, there are broader commitments that hold immense significance. We envision substantial plans for education and enhancing the connection between the community and the city for the greater good. We are really grateful to the volume of support we have had from all around - thank you.

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