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Simply put, we couldn't put on our Chichester Pride annual events without the support of sponsorship. Each and every penny goes towards Chichester Pride and ensuring it's as magical as possible. Each year, we review our feedback and do everything we can to grow the event. This year, we have re-located to the front lawn of Chichester College, which gives the Sponsorship banners brilliant placements, visible to passersby for a week before the event. The new location is also more accessible and we've invested in an accessibility viewing area and noe one but three BSL interpreters. 

Your investment goes so much further than the event too, it is a commitment to fostering inclusivity, diversity and equality, sending a powerful message about your commitment to equality.  

We usually have up to five fantastic packages to choose from to suit everyones needs, launching early in the year. We'd love you to be a part of it.

Align your business with values that resonate with diverse audiences whilst contributing to the success of a joyous and embracing event and cause!


Your investment in us demonstrates a commitment to fostering inclusivity and celebrating diversity, sending a powerful message to a diverse, large audience, about your commitment to equality. 
This can also create a more inclusive workplace culture, encouraging a sense of pride among employees.  


Showcase your brand throughout our dynamic marketing channels and platforms, including our website, social media, emails and even on stage at the event*.
We have consistently strong levels of engagement online and offline, offering the perfect opporunity to grow your customer base. Our events are well attended by local leaders, influencers and businessess too, offering a great networking opportunity.

*package dependent


We're dedicated to ensuring our event is as safe and brilliant as possible. Last year, we increased capacity and added an extra hour to celebrate. We invest heavily in local talent and entertainment suited to our diverse audience. Your contribution enables this growth. We also invest in education, and supporting other businessess/events in the local area

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