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Trans Awareness Week | Dawn's Story - Being an Ally

Name: Dawn (she/her)

Here is Dawn, co-chair of Chichester Pride, expanding on Mel's story and how being an ally provided the support and safety that Mel needed during her journey.

What does it mean to be an ally? An ally of the #trans and collective #LGBTQ+ community can be anyone who supports the equality and fairness of those individuals who don't conform to society's expectations.

When you become an ally, your partnership offers a helping hand in creating a safe community. Additionally, you will also be setting an example of how society should treat those who don't conform to gender expectations and society's 'rules' of appearance.

For those who have family or friends that are within the trans community but are not sure how to approach or support them, here is a great webpage of information provided by GLAAD, which offers tips and advice:

Video posted: 14-11-2021

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