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Meet the Team | Zoe

Anthony as Chichester Pride's Marketing and Graphic Design volunteer
Meet the Team - Zoe

Name: Zoe (she/her)

Role: Web and Ads Volunteer

I’ve been working with Chichester Pride since 2019 voluntarily, initially putting the website together and now working on ongoing website optimisation, paid ads and marketing.

Day-to-day, I’m a Paid-Media Specialist, so you’re likely to find me with my head stuck in Google/Facebook ads - I genuinely love marketing, pulling data apart and then experimenting to find out what works (and doesn’t).

Human behaviour is fascinating to me. That being said, I spend a disproportionate amount of time with my cats (or plants) whilst watching David Attenborough. I suppose my beautiful fiancee of 10 years, Nikki, is quite nice to be around too! ;)

Chichester Pride is incredibly special to me and something the city direly needs (fact). My degree began in Brighton and finished at Chichester University. The transition “back home” completely opened my eyes to how little the city offers LGBTQ+ members of the community, and it felt like such a stark contrast to the colourful City of Brighton. The lack of LGBTQ+ representation within Chichester, and the surrounding areas, has perhaps contributed to my struggles with confidence throughout my younger years and into adult life.

I still recall the overwhelming feeling of euphoria during the first Pride I ever went to, back in 2009. Being around hundreds of like-minded individuals and allies celebrating love was so special. Pride allowed me to be fiercely proud of who I was (and am) - something that sadly is still not an option for the LGBTQ+ community in over 70 countries across the world. This fact is saddening, but certainly is one of the many reasons why Pride is so important.

If just a handful of people struggling with their sexuality feel less alone after attending Chichester Pride, then I can’t ask for much more - that’s invaluable. Whether you’re struggling, out and proud or a wonderful ally, Chichester Pride is without a doubt going to be a blast, and you should grab your tickets and come make history with us!

For more information about our team, click here.

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