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Meet the Team | Natassha

Anthony as Chichester Pride's Marketing and Graphic Design volunteer
Meet the Team - Natassha

Name: Natassha (she/her)

Role: Committee Management Team - Events Management

Since starting my own business NE Events in 2019 I’ve been luckily enough to have managed over 500 events in my career. Event management is a beautiful career path. To be able to manage not only my client’s expectations but their whole entire event is a project I hands down – love.

I have an entire range of experience planning and managing events that vary from huge corporate events for the thousands, sporting, automotive and exquisite fine dining!

Being part of history as a team member of the very first Pride is something so magical! For me, when I heard that Chichester was to have a Pride, I knew I wanted to get involved. I was determined to make sure I could offer support and ensure we increase Pride's local awareness while taking the opportunity to work with some incredible people.

I also wanted to offer my hometown of Chichester something they so desperately needed. I'm very proud to be part of Chichester Pride's annual events, which aim to strengthen the local LGBTQ+community and open arms to those within the city to share the love.

For more information about our team, click here.

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